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PING 2022

The “Physicists Inspiring the Next Generation: Exploring the Nuclear Matter” (PING 2022) residential program consisted of a summer research experience at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB). Six undergraduate students from four different states were brought to Michigan State University from June 4 to August 8 to conduct research and learn mentoring techniques. The undergraduates then aided 17 high school students from six different states in performing research.

The entirety of PING met daily at the FRIB laboratory at 9am. Research in the laboratory was performed until roughly 5pm each day. They shared meals together at the cafeteria each day and engaged in fun and team building activities. The students compiled their summer work and learned proper presentation skills to present at the first annual PING Workshop. They also prepared for future fall conferences by presenting their summer achievements to the MoNA Collaboration.

During the two weeks at Michigan State University the students participated in:

-Higher Education Q&A

-In-Person FRIB Tour

-Talent Show in Collaboration with PAN

-The Go Game--MSU Campus Edition

-Abrams Planetarium Visit

-MSU Telescope Viewing 

-MSU Bug House Visit

-Rutherford and Detector Paint Activity

-1st PING Workshop

-A Visit to the Shiawassee County Fair

Art Activity Group Photo

Art Activity Preparations

Art Activity Result

Telescope Viewing

MSU Bug House Visit

Preparing for FRIB Tour with Dr. Z

Talent Show Juggling

PING Workshop Presentation of Research

Visit to the Shiawassee County Fair

Break time Pictionary

Presenting for the MoNA Collaboration

Talent Show Collaboration with PAN

PING at the NSBP 2022 Conference

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